Are Browser Notifications Irritating You? Wait for Google Chrome’s New Update

Most Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users are already irritated by the continuous notification pop ups while working and browsing the internet. If you are one of them, then here is the good news for you. Just like Mozilla, engineers at Chrome are also waging a war against website notification requests.

It is expected that the update Chrome version (i.e: Chrome 80) will come with relatively quiet notifications, so you do not get disturbed while working on Chrome.

Getting intrusive alert is a major irritant, which is why the new updates will show up as non-intrusive alert with a bell icon, so you can see what you have missed. This change will be enabled for both mobile and desktop Chrome users.

Initially, users will have to activate the update from Chrome settings, and PJ McLachlan, chromium Product Manager says that it will soon activate the feature automatically for all Chrome users (depending on feedback), even for those turn off notifications.

We might see the new update in February. Apart from it, Google is also working on taking action sites that misuse notifications. Chrome will further launch additional actions against sites that take advantage of notifications for malware, ads and other malicious activities.

Until now, there are no proper updates on this Chrome update, but it is expected to be launched soon. Such changes in Chrome can definitely solve a lot of problems of users. Seeing notifications at all times can be irritating, but Chrome is working to make it easier for users.

Other than that, if there are sites that are misusing notifications for their own benefits, then this is the high time for them to save their visitors.

Let’s see what Chrome further has in its store for users, but whatever is coming is expected to be filled with relief for users.

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