Despite The Criticism and Competition, Americans Love Using YouTube & Facebook The Most - Stats Reveal!

There is no doubt in the fact that now we can not imagine the life without social media. It has connected the world for the better and with multiple platforms being introduced, the competition within the social media companies have been intense. However, according to rather surprising statistics, we got to know an all important information that YouTube and Facebook are the top two choices of users in America.

As per the study of Pew Research, the rise of YouTube has been immense; actually so big that it has beaten the ever so popular Instagram (which stands at third position) and the king of social media itself Facebook.

But Facebook itself is not far behind YouTube. Despite all the criticism the company had to face regarding the privacy issues and how a lot of tech savvy people finally decided to say good bye to Facebook in order to protect their private information, it is still at second spot when it comes to most commonly used social media apps around the U.S.

As the use of social media increased drastically in the past decade, among 75% of the adults liked what YouTube had to offer them. While this might feel like a big figure to you, wait for Generation Z-ers as 90% of them said that they preferred watching YouTube. If we go deep down into the reason of YouTube's immense success, then much of the credit goes to how its algorithms work - suggesting new videos one after the other.

For more details regarding the usage of social media apps over the years that has been revealed by Pew Research, follow the infographic below.

Despite The Criticism and Competition, Users Love Spending Time on YouTube and Facebook The Most [Chart]

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