Twitter is testing several updates, a new system to identify trolls and sending money via Tweet is also in consideration

Twitter wants to enhance the overall user experience by adding new options and features.

The micro-blogging platform has been a target of criticism in the past several years for not innovating at a good pace, and for operating sufficiently fast on essential elements.

Well, now, apparently, Twitter is trying hard to move quickly and looking to implement new options and feature on the platform.

Users are already noticing several updates as suggestions to follow Topics and Lists also the conversational features and control over replying on your tweet updates are all set to roll out.

But besides these minor improvements, Twitter is planning to launch some unexpected updates that include pinpointing the trolls, tipping via tweet, adjusting the lists, and more.

Kayvon Beykpour, the head of the company's product, recently gave an interview at CES and discussed Twitter's current position and its vision for the future.

While giving the interview, Kayvon Beykpour talked about the priorities of the company in the upcoming future and specifically stressed on the point of reducing the trolls and anti-social behavior on the platform.

The head of the product stated that the number of likes, retweets and followers count motivates the users, and help the content to go viral or at least get more reach since these are the basic factors algorithm consider before giving more popularity to the content.

But meanwhile, these same mechanics work the same for unhealthy or anti-social content.

Since the platform doesn't have the right balance of incentives, being a jerk on Twitter isn't very hard as all you have to do is to play by the rules and act irresponsibly.

Kayvon Beykpour called it a product problem, and to solve this issue, the company has to find a way to demotivate such users.

A rating system, similar to ride-sharing apps, can be a way to restrict users from aggressive behaviors.

For example, ride-sharing apps provide both passengers and drivers with a rating system that show their previous performances in their domains, and since its publicly visible, it reminds both parties to behave well.

Not an exact rating system but a troll score that characterizes the users based on their previous activities might work, Beykpour further added.

But such systems are very less likely to succeed on the platform as it could act as a mechanism to target and abuse users, and Twitter is already flooded with complaints about unfair bans and getting target without any reason.

Twitter needs to improve in this area, however, it is challenging to implement a system that reduces the reach of harsh content without affecting the overall environment on the App.

According to a new report, Twitter might be considering a new feature that will allow users to send money via tweets.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square is a fanatic of cryptocurrency and, might be looking into creating twitter's payment system.

It's not a coincidence that the giant social network, Facebook is also working on its on-platform payments system.

As per The Information, Twitter is considering to add payment feature in the website, allowing users to send money via tweet to each other.

It won't be a tremendous surprise if Twitter uses bitcoins in their tipping service.

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is an enthusiast of cryptocurrency and believes that bitcoin is the future currency of the Internet.

According to sources, Twitter and square already work together to allow users to donate money via tweets to the favorite politicians.

But Tipping via tweets could have unexpected effects on the platform, and it could become a new income stream for users having big followings.

It could also defame a lot of tweet creator if they charge money for viewing their tweets, However currently, that's not the proposal.

If Twitter creators followed the same scheme of YouTubers to invite their loyal fans to donate money, then it can become a whole new revenue stream for them.

Recently, YouTube claimed that more than 100,000 channels make through live streams with the help of the tipping option named Super Chat, with some creators making $400 per minute.

Both companies are quite different from each other, but since Twitter is considering adding the tipping system in their platform, it could predict a future update on Twitter.

However, this feature is not even under consideration when it comes to development.

Another minor update Twitter is working on is evolving its discovery feature and is recommending more profiles.

The list of recommended profiles is a result of Twitter assumes users interests.

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