Twitter’s “Topics” Feature Test Gets Wider Rollout

Twitter’s main focus these days has involved maximizing the user experience by providing as many different features as possible, and a big part of this is experimenting with the addition of new features that are ostensibly meant to make it easier for you to get the experience that you are looking for on this social media platform.

One feature that Twitter is rolling out is called “Topics”. This comes from a realization that a lot of people use Twitter in order to stay up to date on certain topics, and the feature itself seems somewhat inspired by Reddit in that it focuses on enabling users to engage in subjects that they are passionate about.

While the initial test was only conducted among a few chosen users, it seems that Twitter is expanding the test by rolling it out to a much larger number of users all in all. The purpose of the initial test was to see if Topics would mesh well with the overall user experience that people are used to on Twitter. It seems that those tests turned out to be quite successful since the wider rollout means that Twitter is willing to check out how the public responds to it.

There currently is no timeline that can be used to assess when the average Twitter user might end up being allowed to use this feature, but since the test has been rolled out to a wider group of Tweeters it seems likely that Twitter would be thinking of rolling this out to everyone some time soon (probably within November). The main reason for this is that if this is a successful feature, Twitter would want to expand its availability so that it can provide its users with something fresh and new that could possibly revitalize the platform and bring new users to it.

Twitter’s “Topics” Feature Test Gets Wider Rollout
Screenshot: Casey Newton / TheVerge

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