Experiments In Twttr’s Threaded Conversations Will Finally Be Introduced on Twitter

In 2019, Twitter presented its prototype app, twttr at CES. The company used twttr app to create and test new features in public and check how well they do. The app has been mainly focusing to make thread conversations convenient to read.

The micro-blogging platform is now finally introducing something they tried in twttr to the main app, Twitter. Suzane Xie, head of Conversations at Twitter talked to reports at CES 2020 and explained how users will be able to easily understand what is going on in a conversation. Different parts and branches of conversation will be in one ‘global view’.

After the new feature is rolled out, the original author of the tweet will stand out when replying to the conversation thread. Likewise, verified people and the people you follow will also be highlighted.

Screenshot: TechCrunch

Based on threaded conversations, Twitter will introduce new features like the way under interface will react when a user taps on reply.

When you tap on a reply on twttr, information about the tweet. You can also reply to the tweet and it shaded to differentiate it from other tweets when it is selected.

Some of the replies are hidden in threaded conversation so it is easier to read. However, a link is given where you can tap and see all the replies in the thread. According to twitter, the shown replies are personalized based on how people you follow, the kind of users you interact with etc.

Xie said it is all to make global conversations easier to read and users do not have to open new tabs and go back and forth to read threaded conversations.

Though twttr created much excitement but many still hold a view that the company failed to make full use of the experimental app. Also, changes in twttr’s leadership might have affected the plan of Twitter.

After trying and finalizing the twttr’s threaded conversation feature, Twitter now plans to try new conversational features on twttr.

Twitter said the new threaded conversation feature will be rolled out first on iOS, then on the web and later on Android in Q1.

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Featured Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
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