These 3 apps will stop you from using your phone continuously, thanks to Google

Google is coming up with more and more apps to support their digital wellbeing initiative, which is much appreciated. Recently, Google launched three apps that will keep you on the clock and will help you restrict your phone usage.

Here are the three apps released by Google.


Envelope is only available for Pixel 3a as of now, however, the app might roll over to other devices as well. The app transforms your phone into an envelope by following certain instructions. You will receive all these instructions from the app that you must follow to enter this mode. The app will only allow you access to dialer and camera.

It takes a lot of effort to make this envelope, which is why you will mostly avoid doing it again and again. It is a much better app than other of Google’s digital wellbeing apps.

Activity Bubbles

Activity Bubbles is a rather interactive and straightforward app that creates bubbles wallpaper on your phone. When you unlock your phone, the app will appear on the screen and will keep growing until you use your phone. When you lock your phone, the bubble will stop growing. You will get a clear picture of phone usage by the end of the day.

Screen Stopwatch

Almost like Activity Bubbles, but with a live wallpaper of stopwatch will give you serious anxiety. When you unlock your phone, the stopwatch will start and will not stop unless you lock your phone. By the end of the day, you will know the exact number of how much you used your phone in the day.

These apps are very amusing as well as beneficial if you are seriously looking to control your time spent on social media through smartphones. Try these apps out by Google, you will be amazed by their result!

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