Google Launches Five New Apps to Reduce Screen Time

Some time back, Google introduced an app under the name of “Digital Wellbeing” that helped users to keep a track of their smartphone usage. We all understand the fact that smartphone is the need of the day, however, we are aware of the negative effects of over-usage as well. Such apps introduced by Google and other platforms are aimed to help users control internet and smartphone usage.

Just recently, Google has come up with five new apps that are aimed towards fulfilling the same mission. The apps include Post Box, Morph, Unlock Clock, We Flip, and Desert Island. The details about the app are stated below.

Post Box

Post Box is probably the best app among these new apps. This app will help to gather all the notifications in a place until a particular time of the day. You can choose how many times you would like to check your notifications. The post box will help in organizing your notification so you can easily check them.


Morph is another app by Google that will show you the exact app that you want in a specific situation. All you have to do is pick apps that you use in a specific time or set situations such as travel, work and more. Google will predict these apps to you when you need them.

Unlock Clock

No need to check Digital Wellbeing, again and again, to see how many times you unlocked your mobile phone. With Unlock Clock, live wallpaper will be displayed on your phone’s screen that will show the number of times you have unlocked your phone.

We Flip

It is one of the best games to keep you away from the phone screen, however, not everyone might be interested in downloading this app. This app is actually a game that you can play with your friends in a group. All you have to do is launch this app with your friends and start a timer. As soon as the timer starts, you and your friends can look at the phone, however, the game will end as soon as someone sees the screen. You will get to see the time of the session and the times someone peeked into their screen.

Desert Island

This app is somewhat like a game that you can play with yourself. You can choose apps that you regularly use and then try using nothing else other than these apps all day. You can choose different apps on subsequent days.

It is yet to see what Google has to offer in the near future, however, the apps look quite promising in improving the wellbeing of people.

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