TikTok now Allows you to Hide Certain Videos from your Feed; a New Search Page on the Horizon?

If there’s one social media app that has amassed widespread recognition in a surprisingly less amount of time, it’s TikTok. Ever since the service’s launch back in 2017, it has downloaded by millions of users. In order to keep things fresh and enjoyable for its users, TikTok often tests and rolls out new updates and features… and today isn’t any different either.

Recently, renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra posted a couple of tweets centered on TikTok. The first tweet mentions a newly added functionality that will help viewers gain control of the content they come across on the platform. Basically, TikTok will now be allowing users to either hide all videos posted by a particular creator, or better yet, all videos with a specific sound.

As the screenshot in Navarra’s tweet indicates, you will be able to hide the desired posts by tapping on the screen first, then tapping on the “Not Interested” button and following it by choosing the hiding option that suits you better.

The second tweet by Navarra is about a design revamp that is still in testing phase. In case everything goes on smoothly, we can soon be witnessing a new and improved search page on TikTok which will sort all videos by their categories. Navarra also included a screenshot in his tweet to give us a better look at the new (potential) search page. Users will be able to choose if they would like to only view dance videos, pop-culture, gaming content or other categories’ clips.

As stated above, the option to hide specific videos has already been rolled out and you are informed to update your TikTok app to the latest available version to access it (in case you are still running an outdated version of the app). As for the change in search page, it might take at least a few weeks before it gets rolled out. Stay tuned for further updates in this story.

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