Are People Really Concerned About Their Screen Time?

Have you ever asked yourself about how much time do you spend in front of your mobile or computer screens? Chances are that people who own the latest smartphones might already have as companies like Apple, Google and Samsung are focusing heavily on digital wellbeing tools. However, for others it only remains as something they wish to analyze and then take actions accordingly.

The most obvious reason of people being addicted to the screens is social media. Studies might have been highlighting about its impact on youth and how the content never gets moderated, but still there hasn’t been any significant difference in usage overall.

This leads us to an important question - Are the screen time tracking apps helping the individuals to become more aware of the way they use the technology in their own hands? Or does any of such app or function has really encouraged the user to leave the screen and do a more healthy activity?

Hence, in order to come to a better conclusion, the folks over at Globalwebindex have complied some figures related to users who have set limits on their screen time. They are based according to the age groups and are also further categorized into Global Average and Heavy Social Media Networkers -who use at least one hour on social media per day.

Are People Really Concerned About Their Screen Time?

Moreover, Google’s own research also demonstrated that 78% of people started to feel more satisfied and happy ever since they have set limits on their phone’s usage with the help of digital wellbeing apps. According to them, they got more time to sleep, meditate and take better care of their health with the time saved.

So, have you tried the magic of screen time tracking yet? If not, then join the bandwagon for good because life off the screen will always feel better.

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