Instagram Now Allows To Trim and Add Modes to Boomerang Loops

Instagram Boomerang camera mode for Stories is getting some new options to make Stories interesting, comprising of ‘SloMo’, ‘Echo’ and ‘Duo’.

The new option for Instagram Boomerang mode will help in making Instagram stories exciting and attention-grabbing. Instagram no also allows to ‘trim and tweak’ the Boomerang loop so users can have better control over how the final output looks like.

Reverse engineering expert, Jane Machun Wong first discovered the Boomerang trimming and modes option last year in August and November. According to her discovery, Boomerang initially had six different modes options, including Classic, Hold, Dynamic, Duo, Duo again and slow-mo.

However in the final release, only three modes were added, but the other three could be added later.

Boomerang has become a popular option among people who face difficulty in creating interesting and compelling content for their Stories. It helps in creating lively content and improve the visual presentation.

The new Boomerang modes are now available after the release of the latest version of the Instagram app.

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