Google is working on a new biometric system for its Autofill password manager

Unique passwords are lifesavers when it comes to keeping a secure online presence, but remembering all different passwords for different websites, services or apps can lead to difficulty and frustration.

Password managers are a convenient way of solving this issue, and Google's password manager, Autofill is built in the Chrome browser and Android OS, which saves all the login credentials.

For readers who don't know what Google Autofill is or how to use it? Autofill is linked with your Google account, and it saves all your passwords in it.

Autofill allows you to set unique passwords without memorizing them.

Currently, Google's Autofill doesn't have any users verification system, which leaves all the login credentials unprotected, as any hacker or anyone with your device password can behold them.

To prevent this, Google is working on the biometric system for Autofill.

XDA-Developers tracked down that Google is testing a biometric system as fingerprint and face unlock.

Anything, including iris scanners installed in Samsung's previous phones, that supports Google's new API, can be used for this feature.

Although, Google Autofill is a bit late in this update as other Password managers like 1password or Lastpass already asks for user authentication before displaying previous data or securing a new one.

While using the Autofill with the biometric system, users will be required to verify every time a password or payment autofill has used on their Android device.

In order to unlock the phone, Autofill will use the biometric API to request users for the use of eye, face or fingerprint to load the passwords automatically.

XDA Developers have already tested this unreleased feature by unlocking a Reddit account using face unlock.

This feature is yet to release, and it's very much unclear when it will come out, however, this feature will be highly appreciated when rolls out.

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