Instagram Is Testing a New Feature – Tag Everyone in Group Chats at Once!

If you use social media apps for constant chatting, scrolling, and others then you must know how difficult it is to talk in group chats – especially when you have to tag everyone!

100 people in a group and you have to tag them separately. It is seriously mind boggling!

All those people who have been tortured with this difficult should lighten up as Instagram has finally heard their prayers. Instagram is working on launching a chat update in which you will be able to tag everyone at once.

The news about this update was posted by Jane Manchun Wong, a reverse-engineering expert, on Twitter. Wong posted about the update with an image in which you will get an ‘All’ option to tag everyone in the group chat.

The tweet by Wong received much attention in which some people made fun of the update as it can be used to spam everyone, but others really appreciated it.

Also, if you look at the bright side, this update can also turn out to be great for Instagram chat. A lot of people usually prefer WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to talk on group chats, but if Instagram comes up with this handy option then there is a chance that it will get much attention from the users who like to communicate with a closed group of people, privately.

Wong’s tweet was filled with comments where users were asking if there is a chance that WhatsApp will introduce this feature too, but nobody can comment on it yet.

Since WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are owned by the same company, it is very likely that the update might come to all of them in the future, but we cannot comment on it yet.

With Instagram introducing this new feature, we believe that it will bring good news to the app’s declining stats and will attract more people to the platform. Although WhatsApp still seems to be unbeatable in terms of communication, but who knows where the users are going.

However, with the surfacing news of WhatsApp introducing ads in the app is already stirring up anger among users, but there is rarely any other app left without ads.

Such new updates will make a difference in how communication is carried out on social media, so we can only hope for the best!

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