Facebook and its Monstrous Policies towards Moderators are Forcing them to Lodge a Case against the Social Network

Facebook has thousands of moderators all around the world along with their algorithms that work day and night to identify false and traumatizing content on Facebook. While signing to be a moderator, the person must know the job involves viewing traumatic posts all day, not to mention, the frequency of the posts varies from country to country.

Zaicev, a former Facebook moderator, recently told VICE that Facebook is failing to provide moderators adequate support and incentives that they deserved. He and other anonymous moderators have mentioned that Facebook asks their moderators to log in their whole day including their bathroom breaks.

Zaicev mentioned that Facebook was very good in terms of training when he joined the platform, but as soon as the number of moderators increased, the training vanished into the thin air and it’s chaotic and mentally stressful while working with Facebook.

Zaicev and other anonymous moderators are filing a case against Facebook and CPL – a company that hires moderators for Facebook.

Along with monitoring the moderators, Facebook also increases performance pressure on the moderators, but only allowing them 2 mistakes in the month and keeping a 98% quality score.

Every day, moderators make a tough call of reviewing the flagged content by consulting “the rule-book” of Facebook – an Implementation Standards set to help moderate difficult cases.

Not to mention, the team of auditors that review the work by moderators to see if they made the right decision or not. The moderators said this makes the whole process even worse as they only get one chance to appeal the auditor’s decision within 48 hours. Note that, if the auditor made a wrong decision, it will affect the quality score of the moderator.

Even though Facebook promises utmost privacy and secrecy, but the identities of several moderators were revealed to entities they were moderating. This is a crucial aspect as identity reveal can cause some serious life-threatening challenges for moderators.

Working with Facebook is not easy and is not like what they say, says Zaicev and other anonymous moderators. It will cause you so much psychological trauma that you might not be able to deal with it. Zaicev himself got PTSD after working with Facebook, so you can imagine the negative sides of the social platform.

Although Facebook offers online therapy sessions, it’s of no use as they do not let moderators have the time to use these services. Facebook’s ever-changing policies and constant pressure from the auditors do not give moderators enough time to look after their physical and mental health.

Facebook has denied the moderator’s comment on logging all-day details and still emphasize on giving their employees top-priority. Moderators are totally against this statement and in coming days, a new case is expected to be filed in the Dublin court against Facebook and CPL with hundreds of moderators on-board with Zaicev.

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