Instagram’s New Update Is All Aimed to Help Business Accounts and Creators

From purchasing new products to looking at trending designs, we take help from social media platforms for everything and we are living among the generation who rely more on social networks for recommendations and suggestions as compared to a real person.

The generation that prefers more likes, comments, and followers as compared to having real-life friends.

Instagram is one of the largest social media apps with several promising futures. Instagram owned by social giant Facebook is all aimed to help a variety of influencers and businesses to earn a great amount of revenue through the platform. This social network is known as a platform for influencers and businesses due to the variety of services.

Recently, Instagram released a set of new features as the year 2019 came to the end. These features are specifically aimed to help a lot of business accounts with growth insights and some customizable profile highlights.

Recently, the Facebook-owned media-sharing platform reported in a blog post about its new growth insights aimed to help administrators of business accounts so that they can easily see which of their posts and stories are generating more followers and which are generating attracting the lowest followers.

This new update also brings a new feature for business account holders to see an aggregated view of follower changes of their accounts based on days or weeks.

Another new feature released with this update enables business accounts to see aggregated stories of accounts that mention business accounts over the past 24 hours in the activity tabs.

The business and creators' accounts of Instagram can also set an age limit for their content and this too directly via the application instead of using third-party tools.

Business and creator accounts can also set a default age limit globally for viewing of its content from the account and the age limit can also be modified account to the country so that brands can easily comply with local laws and regulations.

The launch of these new features with Instagram’s update enables business profiles to easily customize accounts giving the account holders more control over its content on whether to display or hide contact information and also modify the business category label accordingly.

Instagram’s update also enables business account holders to organize their inboxes into primary and general tabs and to easily move between these two inbox tabs via a swipe.

Instagram always aims to bring new updates to help the business and creator accounts of the platform and this new update of features is all meant to help them in all the ways possible.

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