Google Is No Longer the Same Tech Company We Joined – Employees Are Complaining

Google is known to be one of the most rapidly growing tech giants, in the last decade it has grown eight-fold, recruiting more than 114,000 employees.

The work ethics and principals of human resource and profit generation at Google have worked to be the torture bearer for most of the tech startups when it comes to retaining their employees. However, it feels that once a leader in human rights and employee care now seems to be in grave confusion as some of the most trusted employees leave the company over policy contradiction.

Recently the head of international relations, Ross LaJeunesse at Google resigned from his post and when asked about the reason he explained that Google is no longer the same company that he used to know once. He also explained that he was pushed out because he tried to raise concerns about human rights and he was expecting the company to put human rights first as it was preached over and over. However, he also observed that recently Google started disregarding human rights and safety over the profit. Experts are claiming that the reason might be the rapid growth of Google that was not expected before.

In 2001, when Eric Schmidt became CEO of Google, the company has just 300 employees, however, in 2004 when they went public with the company, it has over 3000 employees which means that the company had grown 10 folds. Later in 2011, the company grew even further with 32,000 employees when Larry Page reclaimed the position. In the next four year Google recognized as Alphabet and further added around 30,000 employees into its workforce reaching around 61,814 employees. To help the company reach its best potential, the parent company alphabet disconnected Google from all other businesses including Google ventures, fiber, X (formerly known as Google X), etc. In 2018, the company hit the benchmark of 89,000 employees and the company even claimed that they were growing better outside Silicon Valley. Google even opened data centers across the country including 1.7 million square feet in NYC and this center alone employees around 7000 people. In 2019, the company even boosted further with whooping 114,096 employees which is a benchmark in itself.

Google employee growth, 2001 to 2019

As employees grew more, Google went through transition and discovered problems that were unknown for the company before. Once a preacher in raising awareness in the human rights and ensuring that all the products were safe, Google has recently been facing a lawsuit along with other tech giants including Microsoft, Tesla and Apple for using unsafe mining practices for extracting raw material for manufacturing batteries. Experts are saying that Google might soon run in the money race with other tech companies if it continues to follow the same path, however, chances are that things might get better but only time will tell.

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