Instagram Rolls Out a "Minimum Age" Limit Option for Creator and Business Accounts!

Since its inception, Instagram has been dealing with the problem of having underage users on its platform. Although the Facebook-owned media sharing network has tweaked its settings and rolled out features to prevent this issue, none of the methods so far have been completely effective.

Underage users on Instagram can come across offensive content and this can adversely affect both the viewing party as well as Instagram, considering how sensitive of a subject children’s online privacy & protection has become. Well, it looks like the popular social media apps has come up with a credible solution… at least for its Business and Creator accounts.

As revealed by renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra on his Twitter account, Instagram now lets Creator and Business Accounts set a minimum age for users who can follow them. A “Minimum Age” option has been added to the Business setting. Upon accessing it, account owners/managers can either set a default minimum age for their followers worldwide or specify different minimum ages for people belonging to different countries.

Before public release this feature was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong back in October.

It will be interesting to see whether this new approach manages to make a positive difference or not. According to some users, people can easily fake their ages on Instagram and it is high time that the social media service rolls out a legitimate age verification tool.

As revealed by Navarra, the new minimum age option is now available and if you have a Business/Creator Account on Instagram, you can utilize it!

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