Beware: 'Top 9 Posts' Clone apps can hack your Instagram account

Every year, top social media services offer year-end tools that combine your most popular posts into one single post giving you a highlight of all the top moments of your life. Snapchat is one of those apps that offers its year-end feature (AKA year-in-review) to make a beautiful collage of your whole year.

However, Instagram does not do that!

You might see your Instagram profile filled with your friends’ Top 9 of 2019 collages or a lot of articles as well on these year-end collage, but one thing you must be aware of is that Instagram does not have any such built-in option. Note that, you can face serious privacy implications if you accidentally fall in the wrong hands.

Beta Labs is one of the famous developers has the only original Top Nine app for such collages. The app only takes read-only access permission from Instagram user to create a collage of their topmost liked and interacted photos. Everyone goes crazy over these collages, especially when the new year hits in!

Although this app is trustworthy, but other imitators of this app are making it difficult to distinguish between what’s good and what’s bad. A lot of Top 9 clone apps are on Apple App Store and Google Play now that can risk your privacy without you knowing it.

Reputable app creators never ask the user to share their passwords or allow them to see their device photo libraries. It is here how you can recognize a clone app. There are a lot of clone apps with some having names of "Best 9" that will ask for your password or access to photo libraries, which proves that they are not trustworthy.

You must be aware of this strategy before falling into the trap of these data stealing apps. The Top 9 clone app issue is becoming so dangerous that Beta Labs itself posted a security warning in a blog post.

If your account is public, then you do not need to give any password details to an application to build you a collage of Top 9 photos.

Beta Labs is a safe application that never asks for your credentials, so you can trust the app for your 2020 collage.

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