Instagram is all set to launch DMs on its web version, no update on the App of iPad

Using Instagram on PC wasn't very fun as it had many restrictions. It didn't have the feature of uploading photos and send DMs from the web version.

Now starting from today, Instagram is testing the Direct Messages (DMs) on the web version.

Since it's in the test mode, very few people were able to use this feature, but the company claims that as soon as this feature shows positive outcome on a smaller scale, it will be launched for everyone.

The DM experience on the website is expected to be similar to the current mobile application, allowing users to start conversations with anyone from the DM screen and profile page, create new groups and double-tap to like the message.

Web-version will allow users to upload photos and see the list of unread messages. Users will also receive notifications [If enabled] on the desktop.

Instagram has been working on this update for a while now, and finally, a few days ago, Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri, disclosed this news via a tweet and expressed his hopes to launch this feature worldwide after the successful test period.

Mark Zuckerberg last year said that the company wants users of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to be able to message each other without worrying about the platform.

Company's plans to accomplish this in the future are still unknown, but a browser-based web version of Instagram could be a step towards it.

Unfortunately for iPad users, Instagram currently has no plans for releasing a native app.

When questioned about the app for the iPad, the response from the company was similar to their previous answers.

A spokesperson of Instagram said that the company prioritized the DMs [Direct Messages] on the web version over iPad application because of its desire for keeping people in touch who cares about each other.

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