Facebook Will Send Notification for Logins Through Third-Party App

When it comes to secure logins and notification procedures, Google and Gmail has set the benchmark. Every time there is a login from any anonymous device, Gmail sends the notification right away. After the privacy and data scandal, it seems that Facebook is taking the security of the users very seriously. In a recent attempt to make the platform safer for all, Facebook has launched a new feature that will send a notification to the user when they login to the third-part app or any other website through Facebook account. This new feature has been named as the Facebook notification and it has been added to the Facebook login mechanisms.

Facebook login is just like the Gmail security system where users can log in into third-party apps, websites or any other account with the help of a Facebook account. These features will be rolled out from this week, which means that users will be able to receive notifications in their Facebook app, website or email if they log in via Facebook account to any third-party app, website, etc. With this notification system, the company is aiming to detect unauthorized access or any unauthorized credentials that can be used. This will further help the user in educating about the data that they share via these apps.

The feature was designed for listing the type of data any third-party app or website extract when it is accessed via Facebook account. This will help the users to see what kind of data they share and that is being used by the third-party app, which will eventually, helps the user to act responsibly while sharing data online. The login notification by Facebook has been designed in a way that it has full control over the information that they share on the 3rd party app with a clear way to track or edit the settings.

In case the user feels that the data has been abused or accessed through an unauthorized app, there is an edit button on Facebook that will help the user to revoke the permission that has been granted to an app or any website. The feature is already up and running, however, Facebook has pledged to improve the feature over the year. This will also help the social network in making the image better that has been destroyed over the past few years because of the multiple privacy scandals.

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