Instagram might be soon launching Direct Messaging feature to its web app

Instagram is the second-largest social media platform after Facebook with millions of users engaging on the platform on a daily basis. Instagram owned by Facebook is an app famous among influencers and creators due to its unique features and organic engagement growth as well. From marketers to influencers, this social media network is meant for all. Instagram is known for its unique features to engage a variety of new audiences on the platform.

Mostly users engage with this social network through its mobile app but sometimes when you’re using your laptop or computer it becomes irritating to check Instagram to respond to direct messages on the platform and then return to the laptop to do some unfinished tasks. The web app of Instagram have almost all the features of its mobile app except the main feature that we all need and that is of its Direct Messaging on the platform. Web app users of Instagram can see newsfeed, like and comment on pictures but can’t send or read direct messages on the web app but not anymore.

The Direct Messaging feature of Instagram might soon be launched to its Web App and we are excited about it. This addition of a new feature on the web app of Instagram is something the Instagram marketers have been waiting for so long. The reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong was the one who discovered that Instagram is currently working to bring its Direct Messaging functions to its web app.

This addition of Direct Messaging functions on the web interface would make Instagram’s messaging tools accessible widely for a variety of users living in regions where mobile connectivity is not always available or possible due to limitation of mobile data etc., and as demonstrated by recent launch of the platform’s new Threads messaging app it seems with the popularity of direct messaging on Instagram this addition of function of the web app was meant to be. The addition of this function would also make it more easy for marketers looking to use Instagram Direct for customer service queries and this would enable them to integrate into the more broader social workflow as compared with the past available functions.

We are still not sure how long it will take for Instagram to officially launch this new function on its web app as there is no official announcement from the social media network. In February, Wong found some earlier versions of this direct function on Instagram’s web app and even managed to share the screenshots as well. This new addition seems like a further update Instagram is currently working on which could at least take six months. We are not sure if the new function on the web app would take months to officially launch or could be released tomorrow.

Bottom Line

After the tweet by Wong on this addition of new feature by Instagram, the chief of Instagram Adam Mosseri started following her which could mean something or maybe we’re just assuming it all but still it does look like that Instagram might be making the functionality of its Direct messaging available on the web maybe not now but for sure soon.

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