Google Desktop Search Display got the attention of critics, The search giant re-thinking the new look

Recently, Google introduced a new display format for its desktop search result listings, but the critics are not happy about it. The aim behind the update was to bring the desktop search in line with the mobile layout, but it somehow backfired. Google started to add favicons, URLs and everything with the search result, but in reality, the update blurs the line between an ad and an organic search result.

The new update is making people click more on the ads rather than on the hard-earned search results, and it is only benefiting Google Ads.

Digiday reported that a lot of advertising agencies have noticed a surge in the click-through rate with an increase up to 10 percent. It shows that only Google Ad business is profiting from the new desktop search format. Google might be benefiting from the update right now, but it can lead to severe consequences in the future with trust issues with Google to be on top.

However, the search giant has laid their eyes on the criticism and has tweeted that they are likely to bring the new updated format into consideration.

Although Google tweeted rather conflicting statements with one showing that they will consider changing it and the other showing that the update received positive feedback in the beginning.

We can’t really say right now if Google will actually roll back the new feature, but Google’s intentions are clear that they want to benefit from the update. Confusing users can also lead Google to face charges of ambiguous results, but that’s in the future.

If you check Google’s search engine results updates since the beginning, as highlighted by Searchengineland, you will see a significant change over time; however, this time the change is quite confusing. We can say that if Google decides to stick with the new format, then they might face trust issues from their users, which is not good for any tech company.

Google Desktop Search Display got the attention of critics, The search giant re-thinking the new look

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