Google to Start Compiling Search History into Collections

The Google app is constantly changing and the main reason for this has a lot to do with the fact that Google is trying to make its app an all purpose solution for all kinds of needs. The latest solution that is going to be coming your way has quite a bit to do with making the web surfing process a great deal more intuitive, and a big part of this is concerned with things like using your search history in such a way that you can access the web pages you are interested in in a much more simpler and collective fashion.

The latest update that is coming to the Google app seems to be trying to do just that, and it is attempting to do so by looking into your search history and compiling it into various collections based on similarities between topics as well as other things that are all going to play important roles in this regard. In fact, there is a section in the Google app called “Collections” where you would be able to see this new feature in action, something that might just make it easier for you to regain your train of thought if you were taking part in research or something similar to this all in all.

It’s quite common to be deep in research and then to suddenly get interrupted. Life has lots of different tasks that need to be handled and sometimes it just can’t be helped. The truly annoying part of all of this is trying top pick up where you left off. Diving back into your search history can be quite frustrating because you wouldn’t really know where your search had ended previously. Now with collections all bundled up based on topics such as vacations, cooking, hobbies and the like, you can make the collections work in your favor.

If you check out the “Collections” section on your Google app you would see that a lot of suggestions are already available for you to look into, and what’s more is that you can save collections that you find to be useful. These suggestions are highly accurate, but some would not like the idea that their search history is being so closely monitored due to privacy issues which, it must be said, Google has not had a very good history with when you consider all of the privacy breaches that have occurred as well as Google’s own questionable uses of user data.
"There’s also a new collaboration feature that lets you share and work on a collection with others.", announced Mona Vajolahi Product Manager, Search. Adding further, "The ability to share or collaborate on a collection is rolling out now globally; the ability to see related content will launch in the coming weeks. Suggested collections will start to appear for U.S. English users this week. We’ll look to bring these features to more languages and regions over time."
However, this seems like a much better way to use this data all in all and it’s something that can really end up benefiting you in a tremendous way.

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