TikTok starts testing Dark mode in the App, users can give a sigh of relief

We have seen a lot of social media apps going cahoots over the new dark mode, which is enabled on many apps including Instagram. It’s in the news that WhatsApp is also trying to release their dark theme update in their app, so that users can enjoy it.

Just like other apps, TikTok is also playing with the dark theme, which is currently in the testing phase. According to the tweet by Matt Navarra, TikTok is adding a new Light/Dark Mode toggle switch in the settings, which is soon to hit the app.

Dark mode has officially become the favorite feature of users due to the feasibility of working appropriately in the low-light environments. The dark mode is pleasant on the eyes and does not burden them which can be considered a good sign for eye health.

A dark theme gives an exclusive look to the overall app, which is loved by users. If you continuously use TikTok, then you must be thrilled to know that TikTok has finally taken the dark theme seriously.

You can find the dark mode section in the general settings right after the language section. You can simply click on the option to open the interface from where you can choose the theme for your TikTok.

It is simple and easy to activate and takes no time.

The users seems to be happy about the update with some posting that this makes TikTok appears as Douyin. For those who don’t know, it is a Chinese version of the TikTok app that is used in China.

With this new update, the TikTok app is expected to become much more interesting and aesthetically beautiful, but it is yet to see.

From other applications, it is seen that dark mode has made the interface much beautiful than before, so we can expect the same from the TikTok as well. The company will soon launch the update for its users, so they can finally enjoy their favorite social networking app in dark mode.

The update seems promising, but we have no clear idea how the interface is like. Also, no one knows when the update will release for general users, so we can count on it to release as soon as possible.

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