Now Do Easy Shopping from Search Results on Google

Google is introducing a new feature for Google search results and the update is specifically designed for online shoppers. Now, when you search for particular products on Google, the search results will start showing you products from top stores and brands instead of giving you links.

From there, you can set filters such as for size, design, etc. to further narrow down your search on Google. You will also see customer reviews on those products, so you can decide to buy them or not. Google will also show you a list of brands or stores that contain the same product at the lowest prices.

It will help enhance the shopping experience of people on Google. The search giant is showing the results by aggregating the data from about a million stores. The list keeps on refreshing every day. Note that, this feature is not a part of any paid advertisement.

Google has also bought Pointy for about $160+ million to help the retailers check their in-store inventory. Google has also updated the Google Shopping homepage, but bringing changes to Google Search what we all needed.

The new update on the Google Search for mobiles will be a great tool for shoppers in the future.

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