Google Chrome Is Testing the Redesigned UI for Tab Groups on Android Devices

In 2019, Google Chrome introduced tab groups on Android, switching to grid-based design instead of classic tab switcher. In the latest “Duet” redesign, Google Chrome is integrating Tab Groups for Android users.

Currently, the tab groups user-interface (UI) for Chrome app on Android shows a bar at the bottom of the screen from where users can switch to another tab from a group of tabs. Now, in the “Duet” redesign, Chrome for Android’s UI is moved from the top of the screen to at the bottom of it.

As Google wants to keep both the features, it was necessary to find a visually appealing way to show these toolbars at the bottom of the screen. Instead of showing two separate toolbars, a new flag in the Android app of Chrome joins both the tabs, Duet of tab in a smaller UI. The flag is currently available only in Dev and Canary versions, as reported by 9to5Google.

In the new UI, the favicons’ “strip” from tab groups hover over the tab count button. On that strip, a plus (+) icon is shown to add a new tab or press the down arrow button to hide the strip.

To reopen the strip, press and hold the tab count for a while. The more tabs are added in the group, the wider the strip will get, as users scroll through it.

As in the redesign, mutilate tabs have the same favicon, therefore it could be problematic to differentiate between the tabs/websites. In case the order of tabs is disturbed, it could be difficult to find the right one. However, the tab’s title and thumbnail can still be previewed in the main tab switcher UI.

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