4 Types of Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone For A Better 2020!

Almost about a decade ago, the apps economy came into existence and top tech companies including Google, Samsung and Apple became obsessed about launching the App Stores to move the innovation in mobile industry forward. Gradually, the same apps secured their place in our lives by becoming something we today cannot live without and easily dominate our work and personal space.

If we go by the statistics then as per Deloitte's study, the average American checks their phone nearly 52 times a day and through more in depth researches, it has been observed that an average smartphone user uses 30 different apps a month and depend on 9 different apps a day for a living.

However, do you know that there are certain apps that you should definitely get rid of in 2020 for better finances, health, privacy and to save your time from being wasted? These aren’t the apps which have been proved as useless but the ones which might be installed on your phone already and therefore we recommend you in taking action against them for a better year ahead.

The Depressing Apps

Yes, there are apps that can make one feel depressed and the worst part is that later we don’t even blame them. The apps in focus here are social media ones like Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat, through which people continuously curate the images and videos of a perfect life in front of their friends or followers.

You see people posting the best pictures of themselves, brag about their achievements, boasting about the memorable trips they went to and telling how much they love their significant other in front of the social media world. But in the end it’s just a trap that takes you to zone of depression.

When you see people who you know portraying unrealistic or idealized version of themselves, your self-confidence drops and you start to struggle thinking that their lives are so better than yours. The truth on the other hand stay hidden which goes by the fact that everyone has the same problem that we go through; relationships worries, health concerns, financial struggles, being tired of the jobs, and different types of anxieties.

Hence, it’s time to see the world around you in person rather than through the screen and we bet you will see a notable difference in how you feel about yourself.

Apps Which Are playing With Your Privacy

Fortunately enough, in 2019 the world had an extensive debate on privacy and as a result of that many companies have decided to keep the privacy of users as the top most priority in the business models. But as any changes related to privacy are still under development, this leaves the room for many apps to still be vulnerable for users when it comes to protecting their private information.

A big example of such an app can be Facebook Messenger which is criticized very often for not offering end-to-end encryption (especially like the way Facebook offers it for Whatsapp). Google Chrome also resides in the similar list as it keeps an eye on what you do online and therefore was even labeled as the “Spy Software” by the Washington Post.

While you may not find the right alternatives to the major apps but majority of such apps can be avoided with decent other options to choose from.

Apps That Make You A Fool By Being Advertised As Free

There is no doubt in the fact that we all love free apps but unfortunately as soon as we become addicted to such apps, the makers start asking for money one way or the other. This eventually becomes an additional financial burden considering how we already spend a lot of amounts on the data that the similar app also uses.

But what if we tell you that the apps which compel you to pay are better than the completely free ones? The point of concern with free apps here is how our data is also becoming more and more valuable than any amount of hard cash they can ever get. Such free apps target us with ads, sell our personal information to data brokerage houses or even use the data to train their AI systems (just like face-morphing apps do).

So, it’s better to stay away from any free VPN apps, menstruation apps, Bible apps, flashlight apps or even the more popular Face App.

Apps That Force You To Work All The Time

If you think you are efficient, smart and can win the heart of your manager by being online on Slack, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Sheets, AirTable, Trello, and Skype 24/7 then sorry to burst your bubble, you are just another fool. While such apps make us more productive the disadvantage comes in the form of how you might feel difficult to cut off yourself from work after the office hours. You don’t get time to relax, recharge or even have quality time with your family and friends.

If you cannot delete such apps because of the way your job depends on them, then try setting the notifications to remain off after the working hours or you can install them on a separate device that your office is willing to give you.

We hope you’re now clear about which apps to move forward with in 2020!

4 Types of Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone For A Better 2020!

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