Money, Work Out, Social Connections: 2020's Top New Year Resolutions

2019 is going to end after a few days and 2020 will step in every house in the form of new calendars and schedules! But will they are welcomed by sweets and cakes of New Year only or there will be something else?

Yes, there will be and it will be New Year Resolutions.

Every year’s December, the notebook are bought and points are made that what to do in the coming year.

Ipsos surveys adults of 18 to 56 years old in United States of America to know what they have planned for self-development and it was found out that majority of adults chose to work on their finances and eat healthy food while 50 percent of them expressed their wish to get active, 42 percent people want to lose weight, 38 percent want to improve their mental health, 30 percent have goal to get social and 22 percent humans want to learn something new and get greener.

According to survey, 38 percent people wanted to make to make resolution out of which 20 percent will focus on accomplishing more than one goals while 18 percent will make a single resolution only.

The survey was taken from 50 states, approximately, in which Alabama, Delware, Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Montana, New York, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Wyoming are included. Montana and New York’s people have made a goal to travel more while Delaware’s residents want a new job and Vermont people made resolution to find a partner. Remaining states voted for exercise and saving money.

2019 had terrible climatic changes but only few are determined to make their lives eco-friendly. The survey showed that people are getting aware about importance of health, mental health, green environment, learning skills and travelling. This is a good change which should be appreciated.

This graphic highlights the most important new year's resolutions among U.S. Americans for 2020.

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