Beware! These Shady Google Play Store Apps Request Up To 77 Data Permissions To Just Run A Flash Light On Your Android Device

These days pretty much every single person knows that you need to be extremely careful while you are using any kind of app because of the fact that there are many apps out there that seem trustworthy but are actually riddled with malware that is actually quite dangerous for your smartphone if you are not extremely careful with this sort of aspect all in all.

Another problem that you probably know about is that a lot of these apps also misuse your data, and if you want to protect your privacy in an increasingly interconnected digital age then it would be a good idea for you to make sure that you don’t download any apps that seem to obviously require excessive use of your data.

That being said, sometimes apps that don’t outwardly appear to require your data are going to be risky to use because of the fact that they might just use your data even though they don’t need to. Remember, data mining is a big earner for apps, so even seemingly mundane apps like a flashlight app could be misusing your data without you even realizing it. And some can even expose you to excessive amount of annoying ads.

In light of problems faced by people that downloaded malware ridden and data misusing apps from the Google Play Store, Avast published a report that asked users to be careful while granting permissions to apps, saying that any app could end up misusing your data. Here is a list of 10 apps that ask up to 77 permissions (including downloading data without permission and recording audio from your device) to just run a flash light on your phone.

What you don't see when your Android device flashlight is On

Some would criticize the move as placing the onus on users to protect themselves whereas Google should be the one preventing these apps from entering their store in the first place, but others are applauding this as a much awaited step in the right direction for the company, one that will definitely help people feel safer while using the Android platform.

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