150 Apps That Are Empowering The Gig Economy [Infographic]

If we go back in time, at least a decade ago, people were doing traditional simple jobs. Smartphones were a new concept and hence getting employed by an app instead was a stretched idea. But as now we are sitting in 2019, things have changed drastically.

The gig economy is a multi trillion dollar global market now and smartphones are dominating our lifestyle. According to statistics, 57 million people in the U.S alone have their bread and butter based on this gig economy in the form of apps like Uber, AirBnB and Etsy etc.

To put it into simple words, people are turning their time, skills, hobbies and assets into proper money streams and to shed a light on how it is happening, we have an infographic from TitleMax that has listed 150 different apps which are now being used in the gig economy. A lot of them pay gigs to workers directly.

Ride Sharing

As Uber and Lyft have been a massive success in this category around the world, so they are eventually the first two options that come to mind when you hear the word gig economy. However, that's not all. You can also find a dozen of rideshare apps out there that targets different niches in the similar category e.g Wingz provides flat-fee rides to the airport, whereas Curb its users with professional taxi drivers.


There was a time when it was hard to find someone with experience and skills for errands like assembling furniture or cleaning a gutter. But TaskRabbit, which was bought by IKEA, took hold of the situation and started to offer workers for your errands on the basis of gigs. Moreover, there are also apps like Dolly and Bellhops that connect you with movers, and LawnLove with lawn care experts.

Art, Design, and Crafting

Today, Etsy is known as the most famous marketplace for handmade goods. In fact it has also become one of the best eCommerce stores with offers that customers simply can't resist. However, the competition is still there like many other categories– for example, UncommonGoods specializes in unique gifts and Society6 is being loved for gallery quality art prints.

Writing and Editing

You can now publish eBooks online and even sell them at Lulu and Kindle. If that is quite a lot for you then being a proofreader and editor can also get paid well for their services through Gramlee.


We want our things to be delivered right at our doorstep in very little time. This wish overall has become the heart of gig economy as well and therefore, the strongest competition exists in this category. DoorDash, UberEats, Caviar, and GrubHub are all battling it out to get food delivered right at customer's doors, whereas apps like Instacart is assisting people with grocery delivery.


It is pretty much understandable that no all of us can create videos and earn money via YouTube or Twitch, but you can still become a voice actor with services like VoiceBunny. You can also show off your photography talent to the world online and similarly can also sell rights to your photos via Foap. Moreover, the best part in this category relates to doing freelancing work on Upwork or Fiverr according to your skill set.

If you're planning to join the gig economy for an extra income stream or you want to try certain services for added convenience, the options are continuously increasing and together they are shaping the world for better.

How to earn money without a traditional job: 150 apps and sites for Gig culture - infographic

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