YouTube is taking more strict actions against any type of harassment with its new policy

With YouTube’s new policy Bigoted insults, systemic behavior or any sort of implied threats all will result in strict punishment by YouTube.

The YouTube’s tougher harassment policy will be cracking down content which displays any sort of hate speech or some sort of threats, the video-sharing platform is modifying this anti-harassment policy so that no hate speech or threat can get past the moderators of world's biggest video search engine.

Any type of material that features insults based on gender identity, sexual orientation or race will be strictly banned on YouTube. Videos displaying similar content will be at first considered as implied threats. Creators that frequently post content to encourages violence will face strict penalties.

According to Matt Halprin, Vice President, Global Head of Trust and Safety, channels that continuously violate the policies will be completely removed from YouTube Partner Program and if the creator is discovered intentionally testing the limits of YouTube policies will no longer be able to generate revenue from the platform or might get banned forever if the behavior continues.

As revealed by YouTube, the social network will also be launching out a functional version of the feature which will enable channel moderators to review potentially toxic comments on their videos before they reach to public. For larger channels, this feature was enabled automatically and it is expected to reach the majority of the other channels by the end of 2019.

A commentator Steven Crowder became a center of attention due to his videos insulting Vox host Carlos Maza based on his homosexuality and a Latino Background which resulted in harassment by the fans of Crowder.

At first, YouTube responded that Crowder wasn’t violating the policies of the platform as he didn’t explicitly tell his viewers to harass Maza but later on the video-sharing platform demonetized his channel and this tougher policy was also revealed after this incident which can open the possibility of bans for this kind of activity.

YouTube is already accused as a platform of anti-conservative bias and this new policy might antagonize the right-wingers like Crowder but at the same time, YouTube was also criticized for allowing thinly-veiled hate speech and harassment campaigns on the platform despite their political affiliations.

Well, we think this new policy is a right step by YouTube to make the platform free from any sort of social harassment or insult and if this new tougher policy keeps on upgrading, it might help YouTube to completely remove the hate speech from the platform and also prevent users from using videos as weapons against people.

Looking forward to a more secure and hate speech free platform with the new tougher policy introduced by YouTube.

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