How You Should Behave on Social Media (infographic)

Social media is in many ways a lot like the wild west. One thing that makes it similar to that fabled era has to do with how new it is. Even though social media has basically ended up becoming a more or less indispensable part of our lives, there are still new things that people learn. Even if you are a seasoned user of social media, there are certain things about how you should behave while you are using social media that you might not be all that familiar with.

The thing about social media etiquette is that it is still being ascertained. However, it’s fair to say that there is a certain similarity between how a lot of people think you should probably end up behaving on social media. While the consensus is not global by any means, many would say that the existence of social media has made it so that at least some form of consensus can indeed be made thereby making it more likely that you would be able to use social media the way it was supposed to be used all in all.

In order to get some hard answers about what is considered a faux pas on social media and what would be considered good behavior, the people over at Influence.Co ran a survey that questioned nearly a thousand participants. The purpose of this survey was to pin down what social media etiquette really is.

Through their answers we are able to get a snapshot of social media etiquette at least with how it is seen by most of the people that use the internet.

There are certain aspects of social media etiquette that would seem obvious to most people. For example, bullying, harassing or stalking someone would definitely be against social media etiquette, and anyone that tries to do something like this is probably going to face quite a bit of ire from the people that they do this around. This aspect of social media etiquette makes sense because social media is an extension of real world interaction, so real world rules will definitely apply here.

Other aspects of social media etiquette may not be fully realized in your mind but you would recognize it as a faux pas if you were to stumble across it while you were using social media. For example, using too many hashtags is not going to be quite in accordance with social media etiquette. It doesn’t really hurt anyone but it tends to make you come across as disingenuous which is why quite a few people said it’s against etiquette. In order to learn more about social media etiquette, check out the infographic we have provided for you below.

Social Media Etiquette: Exploring the Code of Courtesy in the Digital Age - infographic

Some key stats from infographic:

64 percent of user consider "Posting a photo of someone without consent", an interpersonal social media offense.

Nearly 20 percent people had ended a friendship over social media content posted without their permission.

91 percent users consider "bullying in the comments" as most inappropriate social media behavior. while 89 percent consider sharing discriminatory content as bad behavior.

24 percent users consider political commentary/content as big reason to disconnect from social networking platforms.

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