Google introduces a new list of top 100 trending products, based on Search Volume Data

Google always tries to bring out new and unique services to engage its existing and potential consumers in all the ways possible.

Recently, Google launches a listing called Google Shopping 100 to highlight the 100 trending products in a variety of categories all based on the Google search data volume over the past year.

This Google Shopping 100 is a data collection by Google but it is mini-site on its own and is displaying a very detailed insight on the trending consumer demands and key products over the year of 2019.

As stated by Google, this new mini-site displays 100 products from multiple categories which saw an increase in the U.S. searches within a past year and even though the search data is still ranking Monopoly as a popular present for someone – Google shopping 100 is a hub which is giving its viewers analyzed access on the 100 highlighted products that are gaining more popularity in searches to give the confused shoppers the fresh ideas related to the trending products.

According to the ranks of the products on the listing revealed by Google, the products with most sustained search increases during the season are not so popular overall and this means that the products are trending no doubt, they’re being liked by a majority of the people no doubt but this doesn’t limit the product to specific category but instead, this listing gives the viewers an idea of the broader trends going on in the surrounding.

If you’re a person with interest in the sector of Beauty, Technology or Fashion then you can easily take a look at the top trending products and this listing will provide a detailed insight through its potential research info which can help the viewers get new ideas about the surrounding markets and promotions going on around.

If you are a person looking for some accessories to use with the long plain red dress or a viewer with a desire to search for an article related to some Keto-diet plans or some plans for trekking some peaks nearby. Well, this listing covers it all, it displays a wide range of content that can help the viewers to find new content options or can help business owners with a variety of new ways to build a brand awareness based on the most popular trends.

Or else, if you’re a person looking for some Holiday presents for your kids or a pet-owner looking for new design toys, the listing by Google is worth taking a look at as it will give you a data-based list on the ongoing trends and you never know maybe you’ll get the exact products here you’ve been looking for so long.

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