Twitter Provides Info on Unavailable Tweets

If you have been using Twitter you have probably realized that some of the tweets that you would want to look at would not be visible. They would either be replaced with a notice that says that the Tweet is not available or they would be hidden with the option available for you to view this tweet if you so choose. A lot of users have been confused about these occurrences, so in order to dispel this confusion and in pursuit of transparency the social media platform has provided some context for the situation.

Sometimes a tweet would come from an account that has been set to private. This means that whoever made the tweet does not want it to be visible to just anyone. Hence, if this account tweets in a conversation, you would probably not be able to see it. A lot of tweets that are not available for you to see fall into this category.

Many times users have muted certain words as well. There are a wide variety of reasons for them doing this, with many of them having a lot to do with them not wanting to see any content that has anything to do with the words that they have muted. Hence, many of the tweets that are not visible to you probably contain these words which is probably why you can’t see them.

Twitter also recently rolled out an option that allows users to hide certain replies to their tweets, and in these situations the tweet in question would probably be hidden with the option for you to view them. This has been done to allow users to control the conversations that occur beneath their tweets, and the fact that you can still view these tweets is the sort of thing that indicates that you don’t really need to worry about this all that much.

Many tweets also have an interstitial that they are hidden behind, and the purpose of this is to prevent graphic gore, inappropriate or adult based content from being freely visible on a platform that has quite a few underage users. With the interstitial, viewing the content is possible by opting to view it, and if you don’t want such content to be censored then you can turn this option off in your settings.

A lot of users have appreciated Twitter’s efforts to explain why some tweets are not visible, but many have taken this as an opportunity to criticize Twitter for a variety of other things such as the fact that it has been banning certain accounts without providing a reason as to why they were banned in the first place.

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