Apple users will soon see a kill switch for location services on iPhone 11 devices

Apple is one of the largest tech giants with millions of users from all over the world. One of the major reasons Apple is always preferred as compared to other manufacturers is due to the security it provides to its users. In the world where technology is updating every passing second, every person wants to use a digital platform or device but along with that users also want their data to be secured. Even though every tech company tries to provide security to the data of its users but somehow still ends up with some loopholes that could be manipulated easily whereas Apple is the platform that is always trying out various attempts to secure its users as much as possible.

Recently, the iPhone 11 Pro of Apple was caught in the scandal as it was using the location services despite being disabled for all the apps and system services in the settings of iOS. This issue raised a lot of questions regarding the kind of privacy Apple is offering now to its devices and their users.

Apple responded to these issues by stating that the entire line up of the iPhone 11 series uses ultra-wideband chips to perform regular location checks and to detect if they can be used legally or not. According to the spokesperson of Apple, Ultra-wideband is a standard technology that requires it to be turned off in certain locations and iOS uses location services to determine if any of its iPhone users are in any of the prohibited locations so that the company can disable the ultra-wideband and comply with the international regulatory requirements. The unauthorized location services used by the Apple devices are done entirely on the device without anything being sent to Apple at all and Apple also confirmed that no location data of the users is being collected by the company.

Apple planning for a new option in iOS settings

iPhone users don’t need to stress out as a new switch is on the way. According to Apple, it will soon be adding an iOS kill switch for the location services on the iPhone 11. This option is expected to be implemented in the future iOS version and Apple also confirmed about this new toggle in iOS settings so that the iPhone 11 owners can completely disable and block the location services on their devices.

Bottom Line

Apple is a platform that is known to provide security and protection to its users and every once in a while with the new updates it attempts to stop the spread of any bug in its devices and according to Apple, the company is also planning to implement a toggle in its iOS settings that can allow the iPhone 11 users to completely disable and block the use of location services including tracking. The kill switch is expected to become available in an upcoming iOS 13 software update.

Photo: Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

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