Twitter is experimenting with conversation threads, changes will take place in 2020

Earlier this year, Twttr was launched by Twitter to test certain features. Twitter is involved in testing several conversation features on Twttr including visual cues and threaded replies.

Reading threaded conversations can become a challenging task, however, with new changes introduced, Twitter is likely to improve conversations. Currently, Twitter has brought some of the tested features on the original Twitter app.

Twttr has a lot of reaches that enable Twitter to experiment with new features and changes on a public level, receive feedback then iterate changes if required. Even though a lot of advantages can be taken from this prototype, but it has been mostly involved in testing threaded conversations features or more alike.

Right now, on iOS devices, you can see that the conversation starter’s tweet is marked with a little microphone so that everyone can see who started the conversation. Also, if you click on the tweet, you can view entire details in a card-style.

Convenient, right?

Screenshot: TechCrunch

Twitter is not testing new features on this app except for conversation redesigns and such. The work on Twttr is very slow right now, but we are expecting that what’s coming is better than this!

Jane Manchun Wong, who is a reverse engineer found a conversation tree layout on Twitter web similar to that on the Twttr. She also detected some similar features on Twitter such as focusing a specific tweet, even from a permalink.

Twitter is expected to bring about several changes on the app through the tests on Twttr; however, not all the features detected by Jane would be applicable. Twitter will only include the best parts or features on the original app as tested on the Twttr.

Twitter never disappoints its users and always comes up with something incredible than before. Twitter has already been in the news for a long time due to changes in their political ads policies. However, these new tests will only improve Twitter and give feasibility to users.

If you are also tired of complicated conversation threads, then buckle up for the new upcoming changes!

Let’s not beat about the bush and see how Twitter can surprise its users in the future. We can only expect the best from them!

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