Twitter Centralizes Data Privacy Efforts With New Privacy Center

In a day and age where users are becoming increasingly mistrustful about social media platforms and tech companies and how these big corporations intend on using their data, Twitter has been using this as an opportunity to establish itself as a protector of users rights. Twitter’s start has been waning for some time now, and while the platform has made a bit of a comeback it’s fair to say that Twitter needs to set itself apart if it wants to remain as relevant as it used to be, and a big part of that has involved its efforts to be more transparent about user data rights and privacy protection.

In the wake of new regulations being implemented in Europe and tech companies being held ever more accountable for their actions, Twitter is attempting to get ahead of the curve by launching a Privacy Center. This will essentially be a centralized resource where you can read up on anything that you might be looking for if you are attempting to research Twitter’s privacy protection policies as well as its terms of use.

A big part of being better with how they handle data has to do with transparency. You can’t claim to be a champion of user rights if no one knows what you are doing in order to protect these rights. Hence, this centralized resource is bound to be a step in the right direction because it will help users trust Twitter a lot more, especially when they can just read up on the platform’s history with data protection in a single website that would give them all of the information that they could possibly end up needing.

Twitter has announced an update to its terms of use and privacy policy that will be visible to all users by January 2020, and it appears that these terms of use as well as the privacy policy are going to be among the first things that will be added to the privacy center webpage. The fact of the matter is that having a consumer facing site is crucial because many corporations try to confuse you with large amounts of red tape that might just make you feel like figuring out what they are really up to is impossible.

This is the latest in a long line of announcements Twitter had made that would make the platform seem like a more ethically sound social media option which is quite smart because Facebook is facing a lot of criticism regarding its privacy policies and data use. This move could potentially be a game changer for Twitter as well as for user protection in general.

Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

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