Terrific News for Android OS Users – 80% Android apps encrypting traffic by default

How many of you have faced security issues? If you have faced one, then you must know how terrible it should be. Today, the entire internet is filled with news of security breaches and such, which has made people more cautious than ever.

Recently, Google revealed information about its Android app encryption. The data shows that about 80% of Android apps are encrypting traffic by default. It means that you do not have to worry about sending your information upon any app’s request. Your data will be safe and secure on the network.

The number itself is huge – 80% Android apps doing their job right!

Furthermore, the data shows that traffic encryption started from zero to 80%, which is a remarkable change. If Google wills to protect their users, then it is highly recommended that the arrow on the graph should always head upwards.

Not to forget, this 0 to 80 percent started from January 2018 and within such small time, Google has managed to reach for such high target. Bravo!

Google believes that the statistics will only increase in the future. Google has advised all applications targeting Android 9 Pie or more to have Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. Apart from it, Google has told that from 1st November, 2019, all the apps must target for Android 9 Pie, which will certainly increase the app encryptions data.

Even though 80% of Android apps are encrypted, but 20% still needs to be encrypted. The statistics are good, and it is predicted that in future this number will be covered up too.

An advice for all – stop using the old versions of applications and OS and switch to newer versions to protect yourself and data from falling into the wrong hands.

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