After so many criticisms on the policies, Twitter is planning to launch an Open and Decentralized social network

According to a recent revelation by the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, the standard policies will not belong to a single private company to upgrade and modify but instead this new decentralized system would enable a variety of individuals to access multiple services within the same network. It is quite similar to the concept where a user chooses different email providers just to see the same messages.

Twitter Inc. is planning to launch an independent research group with a focus of open and decentralized system for the social network that would pretty much help lower the pressure on the company to please its critics but along with that also give opportunities to upcoming competitors as well.

Even though the social network spends some hefty amount of investments on the policing speech but it still fails to eliminate the criticism of users where some find the social network’s policies too strict where others think it’s too much convenient to violate.

According to the Tweet by Jack Dorsey, if the platform continues to enforce its centralized policy globally to address the issues of social media abuse and misinformation on the platform it is very much unlikely for the policies to gain much attention without raising the burden on the people.

This new attempt of a decentralized system would enable Twitter to focus more on building open recommendation algorithms which can promote healthy communication between the platform and its users and with this new approach the social network can focus on providing more unique and innovative ideas to its users as compared to the past.

Dorsey also shared an outlined article called ‘Protocols, Not Platforms’ to explain the idea behind this new approach which is with this new system developer can use their own algorithms on the social network and share it among like-minded individuals to provide access to the same social network.

Still, confused about it? Well just assume yourself as an individual signing up with a provider that would offer filters for aggressive racist material or a provider that is promoting conversations of other types of content on this social network. With this new system, you can ban the type of content you don’t want to see on the platform.

According to Mike Masnick, this open system is a great step towards more broad variety of users but this new approach could also affect the business model of Twitter among developers in comparison to the competitor services that offer filters, content suggestions or another type of tools that are more interesting for consumers.

According to Jack Dorsey, the chief technology officer of Twitter Parag Agarwal will be monitoring and hiring a lead for the research team called BlueSky.

Twitter will only fund the project not direct it and according to the CEO, this new project will for sure take many years to complete before launching officially.

Jack Dorsey also suggested that the blockchain technology is expected to provide a model for the decentralizing content hosting along with monetization of the social media as well.

Even though Jack Dorsey talked about the involvement of different technologies on the social network but it still failed to elaborate on more alternatives to the ads-driven business of Twitter.

Photo: REUTERS/Thomas White

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