Facebook and Google are no longer considered as Best work Places to work anymore

Every employee wants to work at a place with countless perks right? Here’s a list of the World’s Best Places to Work.

Glassdoor recently released its annual rankings of ‘Best place to work 2020’ in the U.S. and the big tech giants including Facebook Inc. and Alphabet’s Google which were once considered as the world’s most desirable working places with countless offers and perks for employees are no longer part of the list anymore.

This annual list revealed by Glassdoor is done based on the employee reviews on offers provided by firms such as benefits, culture, senior management, and compensation as well.

According to the list released by Glassdoor, HubSpot Inc. – a cloud computing company won the title of the number 1 best workspace for employees whereas Bain & CO ranked second place in the list of Best Places to Work in 2020.

Tech firm DocuSign Inc. was ranked at the third place in the list whereas In-N-Out Burger was ranked 4th and Sammons Financial Group was at 5th position in the list.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was considered as a 6th best workspace to work in 2020 whereas Intuitive Surgical was ranked at 7th spot. Firms including Ultimate software, VIPKid and Southwest Airlines were ranked at 8th, 9th and 10th positions respectively according to the list revealed by Glassdoor.

Facebook and Google - the big tech giants have been criticized this year for several issues. Facebook and Google are losing their charm along with the Silicon Valley companies which also dropped out of the top 10 list released by Glassdoor.

Facebook which was once considered as the best place to work and was ranked as the top best workspace three times in the past 10 years was ranked as 23rd. This social-media company first made it in the list of 2011 as the top-rated workspace and last year Facebook based in Menlo Park, California was ranked 7th but now it is slowly fading away from the list.

Google - the tech giant that was voted as the best place to work in 2015 and been in the list of top 10 best places over the past eight years ranked at 11th spot on this year’s list released by Glassdoor. Apple Inc. that was once a top-25 ranking tech firm was ranked at 84th position this year.

Amazon Inc. failed to rank in the list of ‘best workplaces for employees’ again for the 12th straight year.

Microsoft Corp. was one of the lone big tech companies that jumped in its ranking whereas the Redmond, Washington-based software company saw a downgrade in its rank from No. 21 to 34.

Google employees protested against the company on multiple issues including the tactics used by the organization against the workers and according to a report by Bloomberg in February very few Google employers showed the inspiration for its Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai’s vision as compared to the last year.

According to the internal employee poll at the internet search giant, very few workers believed that senior management could play an important part to lead the company into the future.

Facebook provides the majority of the perks similar to Google including free meals, laundry services and corporate transportation too but its workers still protested against the leadership on its decisions of not fact-checking the political advertisements before posting it for the public.

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