Google Search - Top Stories Become 'Smarter' With Machine Learning

Back in the days of July this year, Google surprised us all with redesigned News section. But as that never seemed to be enough for the tech giant, you can now also expect a noticeable change when you search for the same current events on a mobile screen. Google has termed it as “smarter organization” which is based on machine learning and richer article cards.

If you go through the Top Stories as of now, then you get to see two articles followed by a carousel having more stories. This is where Google is planning to bring all the change - especially when there are several related news events to one topic.

Reports revolving around the latest developments state that when there are multiple stories related to your search, Google will organize the results according to the relevance of the story. This will also make it easier for the user to decide which articles and publishers they want to open and read.

As an example, let’s look at how Google will differentiate when someone types in “NASA news”. In case of multiple events here, you can see every event having own carousel of cards with cover image, publication name, headline, and publish time. Some articles might have catchy quotes, important opinion pieces or other key information right on front to grab the attention of reader. Moreover, if an article is not grouped together then you will see it under “Also in the news”.

Google claims that this smart structure for Top Stories can make the high quality content more prominent. So, the search would no longer be dependent on most recent and will have diverse sources. However, the aim with this is simple - “more context and perspective to the day’s news.”

Going beyond what you will see on your screen for the searches, this “smarter organization” is backed by new story-understanding technology that maps the people, places, and things which are a part of the news story, and then build connections between them. This grouping also goes one step ahead of BERT machine learning techniques as that is based on examining the articles and determining how one story ends and the other begins.

Google’s improved Top Stories carousel is available for U.S English now and more languages, along with locations are expected to roll out in the upcoming months.

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