Mark Zuckerberg stands by his stance: Refuses to look over Facebook's political ad campaign policy

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is being lashed again – and for the same reason, he was criticized profusely during the previous US election campaign.

But as always – the CEO of the world’s leading social media network is brushing off all the negative vibes he is receiving for posting political ads without clarifying the content submitted by the politicians.

In a recent interview on ‘CBS This Morning,’ Mark Zuckerberg told host Gayle King that he does not think it’s fair for the private companies to censor politicians. He claims that as a democratic nation, the people should see what the politicians are saying and make judgments accordingly.

The interview took place at Zuckerberg’s residence with wife Priscilla Chan.

During their talks, King pointed out that most Facebook users are aware that the political ads are false – then why keep the ads running and creating a commotion.

In fact, last October we saw a group of around 200 Facebook employees signing a petition and asking their employer to reconsider his political ads campaign. In their letter, they had written that free speech and paid speech is not the same, thus information posted by politicians should be fact-checked before reaching the audience.

Zuckerberg did admit that the election campaign is a complex issue and people from various walks of life have their own opinions. However, he confirmed that as of now, he doesn’t have any plans to take down political ads or review his policy.

Besides the upcoming election campaign, the billionaire-couple highlighted their plans for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which aims to unlock the human potential and enhance equality in health, education, energy, scientific research, and other areas to benefit the community.

Featured photo: AP

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