More Influencers Have Started Using Instagram, Will the Removal of Likes Affect That?

Even though you might feel like you seem to see influencers pretty much everywhere these days, the fact of the matter is that most of the time these influencers are going to be leaving the platform that you may currently be using at this point in time. Indeed, the vast majority of social media platforms seem to be losing influencers with the exception of one: Instagram.

Yes while influencers are abandoning most social media platforms, it seems like the number of influencers that are currently using Instagram seems to be growing nonstop, that is according to CreatorIQ. That being said, while Instagram has certainly been utilizing a lot of different tactics to try and make it so that every influencer on the platform would end up staying on said platform, there is one big change that might just end up alienating pretty much every single influencer on the platform: the removal of likes.

More Influencers Have Started Using Instagram, Will the Removal of Likes Affect That?

The fact that Instagram will no longer publicly show likes could very well be the kind of thing that could harm the influencer community, but if you think about it, it seems unlikely that the platform would end up needing to find ways to make these influencers stay.

After all, Instagram influencers already get about half of the engagement as YouTube influencers. This means that stats like that are not all that important for them. The goal is to get the product that they are selling to as many people as possible, and that can be measured in a lot of different ways. With IGTV now giving content creators engagement metrics, it seems like Instagram is adding alternative ways for influencers to figure out how successful their campaign is and how far reaching the marketing will be once the campaign is over and done with.

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