Google Maps Beats Facebook, Yelp and Others to Emerge as the Most Dominant Local Search Tool!

Google Maps’ importance can’t be denied when it comes to local search. According to a consumer survey conducted by Brandify, 77% of the respondents prefer using Google Maps over other platforms for finding “near me” business details.

GatherUP, ThriveHive and others conformed to Brandify’s findings and agreed that most of their customers’ local traffic is being directed by Google Maps.

Which tools do you use to find information about businesses near you?

When consumers were asked to name the local sites/apps that they find the most useful, Google Maps was a top choice of a majority (51% to be exact), "followed in somewhat distant second place by the business’s website at 19%. Also placing fairly high were Yelp at 18%, and Google Assistant/Home at 13%."

Which of these is the most useful tool for looking up information about businesses near you?

As per another survey that hit the web around in November, most of the people (60 percent to be precise) use desktops/laptops for “near me” searches. However, most of the participants of that survey were aged 55 and above. The results were totally different when Brandify conducted the survey with respondents from various age groups. It was revealed that around 81% of the people search for “near me” details on their smartphones. The percentage was 9% for Tablet users and 22% for Desktop/Laptop users.

Another noteworthy finding from the survey is that Facebook is the 2nd most dominant tool used for local business search and is followed by Yelp and “business website”. Also securing decent positions on the chart are Google Assistant/Home and Instagram.

It’s interesting to note that Google Home and Assistant are listed together and their individual contribution isn’t visible. However, judging by Alexa’s 8% dominance in the local business search chart, it’s likely that Google Home would have scored almost the same.

As for location, majority of the local search activity is said to be happening in people’s homes i.e. 59%. Approximately 31% of the respondents answered that they conducted the local business searches in their cars or “out and about”.

Once the local search is performed and the relevant details are retrieved, around 56% of the survey respondents’ next action would be to visit the business in person. 36% would rather call the business first and 13% would just email the business or fill an online form. As for the respondents interested in visiting the business in person, 54% said that they would do it immediately or during the same day. 46%, on the other hand, would wait for a couple of days before paying a visit to the business.

More than a thousand US adults participated in the survey. 53% of those were females. Moreover, 47% of the respondents were under 45.

Marketers need to value the fact that most online research leads to an offline purchase. The Brandify-conducted survey (which was based on 1,000 consumers across all U.S. states) is a clear indication of the fact that countless local searchers are going to appear at a business/store and tracing them wouldn’t be an easy task.

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