Facebook Receives Backlash by Employees upon Changing the Company’s Policy on Political Ads

Facebook’s CEO is facing severe criticism on account of their policies regarding political ads getting an all-clear from Facebook’s fact-checkers. The following policy by Facebook comes from the grounds that everyone must be given an equal chance to speak up and that politician’s messages are perceived differently by different people.

Even though Zuckerberg is standing on his ground to not change the policies, however, Facebook has started to witness within the company to change these policies. The Facebook employees have drafted an internal letter that consists of six requests. The requests were:
  • False political ads must be banned at all costs.
  • There must be a system to distinguish political ads from the normal ones in the newsfeed.
  • A restriction must be put upon the targeting tools for political ads.
  • Facebook must follow the “election silence period”.
  • Political ad spending must be capped.
  • More prominent and clear political ad policies must be formulated.
Even though Facebook welcomes employee’s criticism with open hands but it is still a matter to be reviewed. Mark Zuckerberg has been adamant in changing the company’s policies related to checking the political ads on the platform.

On the other hand, the company’s employees are of this view that the company’s leadership must make the policies equal for everyone. The letter by the employees reported that paid speech is also equivalent to false speech.

Be it political or non-political, false speeches influence the way people live and false political ads have the potential of delivering misinformation to a great extent.

If an ad is posted by a political figure then it does not mean it is worth our trust. From the stance of people against Facebook’s political ads policies, it is expected that Facebook might change the policies or introduce a new route to satisfy everyone. It is yet to see!

Photo: Alain Jocard / AFP / Getty Images

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