Facebook to Start Suggesting Moderators for Groups

One of the main focuses for Facebook this past year as well as last year has to do with promoting its Groups feature. While the groups feature has always been a mainstay of the platform, as of late Facebook has been really boosting it in order to make more people use it, and the social media platform has been adding a bunch of new features to Groups as well in order to make them more enticing for members as well as more manageable for whoever is responsible for administrating the group.

A new update that Facebook is rolling out will involve suggesting moderators for the group that you are a part of. Moderators are important because of the fact that they can maintain order in the group along with providing numerous ways to make the group easier to manage in a lot of ways. They can be responsible for maintaining decorum in the group as well as making sure that all of the posts are on topic rather than just being about random stuff.

It’s fair to say that the choice of moderator is quite crucial, as it can make or break a group’s success down the line. This is why Facebook is going to start recommending moderators. This will be judged based on the amount of participation that someone has in a particular group as well as their track record in said group.

This new feature might not go over all that well to start with because it will take some time for the algorithm to become smart enough to pick the right people, but the fact of the matter is that this will certainly make it easier for some admins to deal with the process of managing a group that they are dedicated to and want to see grow.

The credit goes to Matt Navarra for spotting the "Suggested Moderator" option back in July. Now, once again he leaked more information about this Group feature. According to his new tweet:
Facebook says it often hears from power admins that building a team of moderators helps them maintain a growing group. However, finding the right moderator isn't always easy. To get you started, Facebook is rolling out a new moderator recommendation feature that will identify members from your group who might be a good fit for the role. These members are suggested based on how frequently they already contribute and engage with fellow members within your group.

You will be able to review your list of recommendations in your Admin Tools by scrolling through "Insights from the last 28 days" to the tile for suggested members. Within that list, you can directly invite any of these members to become a moderator or reach out with a message. If you change your mind, you also have the option to easily void your invitation within this list if the member as not already accepted. These suggested moderators are automatically generated based on their level of activity and you should of course use your own discretion on who you select as moderators. This feature will only be available to your group's admins and is completely optional to use.

Suggested moderators feature is now slowly rolling out to more Groups and will be available on both iOS and Android.
Facebook to Start Suggesting Moderators for Groups

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