Instagram just released its "collage inspired" story feature and here’s what we know

Instagram is one the largest social media apps owned by Facebook that is used by millions of people on a daily basis and engage with a variety of audience from all over the world.

Instagram is now considered as a platform for influencers and creators with its so many unique services and every day the community is growing bigger and bigger.

A few years back, Instagram launched its Story feature which criticized as a clone attempt of a video streaming app Snapchat but later on this Instagram Story feature gained more fame than its competitors.

From business owners to various influencers, Instagram is considered as one of the fastest and convenient tools to engage with a variety of audiences.

Recently, Instagram revealed a new feature within its app that can allow the users to upload multiple photos all on a single story post.

According to the Instagram's Twitter account, this new feature is rolling out and this newest addition of Stories feature will enable users to adopt a variety of collage formats all within one screen.

This new feature is called Layout and with it, users can post up to six photos in a single Instagram Story post.

If you take a look at this feature it seems pretty normal like it’s nothing unique just pretty simple to what other apps are already offering but with this new feature users won’t need to download third-party editing apps anymore.

Users can simply pull off this new feature within the Instagram by selecting the pictures from the gallery and pasting in a text box instead of using third-party editing apps then sharing it on Instagram.

This addition of a new feature by Instagram clearly reveals the type of control the social platform wants from its users.

With the release of this Layout tool, users won’t be needing third-party apps anymore which means billions of users will no longer use a separate company for this type of tool.

This addition of layout feature is pretty similar to the Boomerang feature introduced by Instagram which pretty much made the gif-creating third-party apps useless.

Instagram is gradually trying to build out new features for its most famous Stories option especially with its new Create mode which gives the Instagrammers a space to make content beyond just posting pictures.

The Create mode includes templates with conversation prompts, throwback posts, typing mode and so many other options too. This feature was launched in October this year and already gained more attention than expected even though it’s not officially complete yet but it is providing users with so many choices all within one app.

Instagram always attempts to provide unique services to its users so that they don’t bore out of the platform too quickly and this addition of new features of the Instagram story will no doubt be a great step towards a more promising future of Instagram Stories.

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