Facebook has Released a Number of Creator Studio Features and Tools including a Bulk Video Uploader and a Fully-integrated Brand Collabs Manager!

There is no doubt in the fact that Facebook realizes the importance of influencer marketing. This is exactly why the social media king puts emphasis on its Creator Studio and Brand Collaboration tools, so it could facilitate the creators on the platform. Well, today isn’t any different either.

Renowned social media consultant Matt Navarra recently tweeted that Facebook rolling out a number of features for its Creator Studio and Brand Collaboration tools.

The first feature in question is the “Bulk/Multiple Video Uploader”. Gone are the days when it wasn’t possible to work on multiple videos at once. Thanks to the Bulk Uploader, users can now upload multiple videos simultaneously (maximum 50 at a time) in addition to editing their titles and other information. All of this will take place in a single screen, while the videos are being uploaded. Users will also be able to schedule videos so they could be uploaded at a specific time.

According to Facebook, it's rolling out several updates for creators, including:• Brand Collabs Manager: Beginning today, we're rolling out the full integration of Brand Collabs Manager into Creator Studio to make it easier for creators to engage in branded content. Branded Collabs Manager will live in the Monetization Tab in Creator Studio and give users access for Content, Portfolio, Project Briefs, Publishing Tools and Setting tabs. o Creators will still be able to access Brand Collabs Manager through the tool. • Direct Messaging Between Pages in Brand Collabs Manager: We are also rolling out the ability for pages to directly message other pages in Brand Collabs Manager through a new page-to-page messaging feature. With direct messaging between pages, we're making it easier for both creators and brands to coordinate on deals. • Bulk Uploader: We're rolling out the ability to upload multiple videos at a time in Creator Studio, making it even easier for creators and video publishers to upload content onto Facebook and Instagram. • In addition to uploading multiple videos at a time, you can also edit titles and other metadata all in a single screen (while the videos are uploading) and schedule them to post at any desired time.

A full-fledged Brand Collabs Manager has also been incorporated into the Creator Studio. To access it, users will have to locate it in Creator Studio’s Monetization tab. This new tool will help creators on the platform in managing branded content and accessing Content, Portfolio, Project Briefs, Publishing Tools and Settings tab. It should be noted that creators will still be able to launch Brand Collabs Manager via Creator Studio.

But wait… there’s more! A page-to-page messaging feature has also been added in Brand Collabs Manager. This will make it easier for pages to directly communicate with each other and discuss about the ventures/deals they would be working on.

If you have to turn to Creator Studio for managing your Facebook account, then there’s a fair chance that these new features and tools will make things simpler and more enjoyable for you. As discussed above, the new additions are now live and ready to be utilized!

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