Say No to Cyber Harassment – Instagram Launches Caption Warning Feature to Stop Bullying

It was not long ago when Instagram introduced ‘Restrict’ feature to combat bullying on the platform. People who were bullied were able to report a comment by swiping left on them. In this way, the user was not able to see the comment nor does the other audience. If the bully wanted to send a message, it was sent directly into the other messages of the recipient.

From this approach, Instagram’s stance on bullying was quite visible, which was always to condemn it and try to stop it at any cost. To take another initiative in the fight against bullying, Instagram is rolling out ‘Caption Warning’ feature that detects abusive content instantly.

For instance, if a user tries to bully a person by posting their videos or photos with such content – it will be instantly flagged by the Instagram.

The user will see a message by Instagram, stating “This caption looks similar to others that have been reported’ and then, the user will have to revise it to share it on their account.

It is another step by Instagram after ‘Restrict’ feature to allow more command on content sharing on the platform.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is religiously used to detect any bullying content on Instagram whether it’s in comments, videos or captions.

Apart from it, Instagram will also be restricted under 18-years-old people to view content related to cosmetic surgery and weight-loss product promotion by influencers and celebrities.

Maybe not many people know, but such products and instructions can lead youngsters taking dangerous steps that can have life-threatening impacts. So, the best way is to stop showing content to under age people to keep them away from any of this. Instagram’s action against this trend is remarkable and will have a positive influence on youngsters.

Also, the ‘Caption Warning’ update will help in controlling cyberbullying and hate speech on the internet, which is the only thing the internet wants right now.

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