Influencers won’t be able to promote vapes, tobacco, and weapons on Instagram

Instagram announced today that even though the advertisement of diet vapes and tobacco related content was prohibited from a very long time but now the social network will be cracking down the influencer posts involving advertisements of any such products.

In the coming weeks, Instagram will be enforcing these new rules more strictly by putting ‘special restrictions’ around the promotion of products like diet supplements or alcohol.

Instagram has always been known as a social platform for influencers but it has pretty much been on self-run which usually resulted in questionable ways used by creators to earn some money but now as the social network is engaging more with the influencers which means that anything creator posts on Instagram, the social platform will be responsible for it and this surely is one of the reasons behind Instagram taking down branded posts which violate its essential rules.

According to the announcement by Instagram, the social media platform will be introducing new ways for the influencers to work with brands by restricting who can see their content based on the age of viewers.

The advertisement of vapes, tobacco and weapons has always been banned from the platform but now Instagram will be removing the posts from the platform that promotes any such product.

A month earlier Instagram announced an additional information requirement of birth-dates to be fulfilled by new users and along with that this new feature was also announced.

According to the recent announcement by Instagram, the social media platform will also be opening Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager to a ‘select group’ of Instagram creators.

With this new Brand Collab Manager, creators of Instagram can share their insights and engagements with brands to find a variety of potential brand partners according to their audience.

This new feature can completely change the concept of influencer system on Instagram as in earlier format Influencers used to send screenshots of their metrics to partners or share insights via third-party apps so that brands could check the metrics but not anymore.

With this new feature, creators of Instagram can source a variety of new deals; manage partnerships all so easily by sharing insights with them all within Facebook’s own tool.

This new feature was expected after Instagram started hiding the public count on posts and this pretty much worried the creators of the platform as they couldn’t display their engagement to the potential partners.

With this new test, Instagram could expand the Brand Collabs Manager pool to display detailed information about the influencer and all within Facebook’s own products.

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms owned by Facebook which is considered a space more for creators and influencers and this new announcement also reveals that Instagram is now focusing on organizing the platform according to the creators.

Creators won’t be able to promote vapes, tobacco, and weapons on Instagram

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