Facebook Introduces Spacial Holiday-Related Features In Messenger Kids

Facebook introduced numerous holidays’ related features for Messenger Kids App in which parents will also be able to play Santa.

Exclusive effects, masks, filters, and stickers have been designed for Messenger Kids.

In a blog post, Morgan Brown, the Messenger Kids product manager explained that kids can enjoy being Santa, menorah filter can be used to learn about Hanukkah, add various frames to pictures and celebrate the new year with confetti and fireworks filter.

Throughout the holiday season, different masks and filters will be introduced to keep kids engaged.

Parents will also be able to message their kids through Messenger Kids as Santa. The messages sent to kids from their parents will appear as if they have been sent by Santa Claus.

According to Brown, parents can ask various meaningful questions from their kids being Santa, like “What is something you were proud of this year?” and “what are you thankful for?”. Kids will then answer the questions asked by Santa.

Also, the Messenger notifications for responses to Santa are disabled to keep the secret in case kids are using the Messenger Kids app on their parent’s device.

Facebook introduced Messenger Kids in December 2017 to let kids enjoy the basic features of Messenger App but under complete control of parents.

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